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pacific princess
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  1. Pacific Princess

    The Bermuda registered, 1999 built Pacific Princess (30,277gt) heads out of Dover harbour.
  2. Pacific Princess

    At Falmouth
  3. Pacific Princess

    Outward Bound at Gravesend in 1987 the Pacific Princess made a rare visit to London. Built 1971 she was 20,636 gr tons.
  4. Kysten

    The little coaster Kysten was serving the Trondheimsfjord area and the coast of Trøndelag, Norway for ages. She is seen here at Trondheim in 1988. Cruiseship Pacific Princess is berthed behind her.
  5. Pacific Princess

    'The love boat' dating from 1971. She has probably been scrapped by now.
  6. Pacific Princess

    At Yokohama in the 1970's when relatively new
  7. A Ship to Remember - The Pacific Princess

    Coming up on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's night to remember let's take a look another ship that will never be forgotten... Built as the Sea Venture she and her sister Island Venture were purchased by the P & O for their new Princess Cruise division. It was, of co

    PACIFIC PRINCESS – Seen here alongside Princes Wharf #2/3 in the port of Hobart. Pic taken …… 18/1/07
  9. Pacific Princess

    Pacific Princess berthed at Singapore June 2004.
1-20 of 41 Results