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    Laid up
  2. Pacific

    Hi Gibdan ! She is here now. In Valparaiso, 05 Mars 2013 Is she a reefer ?

    Seen at Genoa laid up april 2010 no salvage boat onboard-
  4. Pacific

    Seen at Genoa today 16/09/2009. Seemed to be moored away from the regular piers. Apologies for quality of picture but it was in the middle of torrential downpour/electrical storm IMO number : 7018563 Name of ship : PACIFIC Call Sign : C6SB5 Gross tonnage : 20186 Type of ship : Passenger...
  5. Pacific at Victoria

    Johnson Line´s M/S Pacific at Victoria Posted Sep.3 1920 from Victoria, Canada This is a rare postcard from my collection ,this is the only one that i know exist.
  6. Pacific

    Johnson Line´s M/S Pacific Photo from my collection Need some help with the port, the name on the silos is The Danske Pe........
  7. part of Marconi console, fort perch rock

    Marconi SALVOR 4 emergency transmitter. Marconi PACIFIC ssb receiver. EX FORTHBANK of andrew weirs co.
  8. Pacific

1-10 of 10 Results