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  1. Nella Dan,painting by frits

    Nella Dan.Owner: J.Lautitzen,Danmark. An old Gouache,painted 40 years ago,while being at sea,much to the astonishment of our Mates.Since I was a merchant engineer I was not supposed to know anything about the exterior looks of a ship....
  2. MENTOR,passing The Azores,painting by frits

    Mentor,sisterships:Nestor and Stentor,built 1948,BRT 2079.Depicted off Pico,on her way to S.America.Owner: KNSM,Amsterdam.Gouache.
  3. Erasmusgracht-painting by frits

    Erasmusgracht built 1994,length 137 m,engine: Wartsila 7380 HP.Owner:Spliethoff,Amsterdam.Depicted leaving Lihir,Bismarck Archipelago after unloading shovels,since gold was found in the mountains.Oil on canvas.
  4. Averdyk in Rotterdam,painting by frits

    Averdyk:1944 Victory,type VC2-S-AP3.Owner: Holland-America line,Rotterdam.1971:broken-up in Taiwan.Depicted in Rijnhaven,R'dam,while discharging grain into barges.This painting is preliminary because 2 major errors still had to be removed.I am very confident that the combined know-how of...
  5. ALNATI entering Rio,painting by frits

    Depicted passing the famous Sugarloaf and m.s. Albireo,both ships in the Holland-S.America service of Van Nievelt Goudriaan,Rotterdam,during 1950's and 60's.Alnati:7368 brt,length:145m,Stork 4400 HP.Built:1940 and captured by the Germans.17-8-42 partly sunk by mine explosion.Half of the ship...
  6. Naval Yard Flushing 2007-painting by frits

    Two corvettes for Indonesia at the former Shipyard De Schelde in Vlissingen,2007.Length: 90.7 m,Displ.: 1700 T.Propulsion by 2 Pielstick diesel eng's,8100 kW each.Armament :7,6 cm Oto Melara canon.Id.: 365-"Diponegoro"and 366-"Hasanuddin".
  7. H.M.N.S.Rotterdam-painting by frits

    Destroyer D-818 ,Rotterdam,built in1960's in The Netherlands.Gouache,painted for The Mayor of Middelburg,who served in her.
  8. HERTA ,off Tramore,Ireland-painting by frits

    Dutch coaster Herta on coastal passage off County Waterford,Ireland.Destination Letterkenny maybe?Gouache.
  9. HERTA, leaving Truro ,on the River Fal-painting by frits

    Herta depicted after passing Malpas on her way to Falmouth and ouy to sea.Gouache painting
  10. Dutch coaster HERTA leaving The Solent,painting by frits

    Built 1952,brt 296.Yard:Coops.Owner:J.Mooy,Groningen.Sold to Greece in 1972,renamed:Panagia Tinou.Depicted off The Needles,I.O.Wight.
  11. Flushing-roads pilotage,1900AD

    Painting by frits,depicting a scenery off Flushing in 1900 AD with a pilotschooner on her way to the barque Europa,while the ferry-paddlesteamer Prins Hendrik is leaving for Queensborough.
  12. Dutch Pilotschooner off Beachy Hd.

    At Beachy Head around 1900 AD the Flushing pilots served ships bound for Antwerp in a fierce competition with the Belgian pilots,hence this way-out station.Painting by frits.
  13. J.van Oldenbarnevelt,painting by frits

    m.s.Johan van Oldenbarnevelt,passing The Rock,from Indonesia to Holland.Built 1930,NSM,Amsterdam,for Mij.Nederland,Amsterdam.Brt 19428,Sold 1963,renamed LAKONIA and was destroyed by fire, sank dec. 1963.Typically the Italian-way! Sistership: Marnix van Sint Aldegonde,torpedoed by German...
  14. Prins Willem-5 ,painting by frits

    Built 1956,brt 1600 for Oranje-line,Zeetransport comp,Rotterdam.Up till 1959 she just fitted in the locks when bound for the Great Lakes.From then larger ships could use the St.Laurens Seaway and consequently she was extended with a new hold nr.3.This increased her brt to 1976.Depicted...
  15. m.s. ALBIREO ,painting by frits

    Built 1944 as Frankenfels for D.D.G.Hansa,Bremen.Brt 6474.Scuttled sept.1944 near Amsterdam.Salvaged and repaired 1946-48,renamed Albireo,new owners: Van Nievelt Goudriaan,Rotterdam in the South America service.Scrapped 1980 in Taiwan. Depicted leaving Rio,bound for Santos.
  16. LO-262 ,cockler,painting by frits

    The Leigh cockler HELEN & VIOLET ,LO-262,at anchor in the Butley river,near Orford.She's still sailing,despite the fact that she is not fitted with an engine.Sometimes you may see her on the hard at Brightlingsea-for scrubbing.
  17. Willem Ruys,painting by frits

    Willem Ruys,built in Flushing,Holland,at the Royal Schelde Shipyard from 1939 to1947.Brt 21119.Owner Kon.Rotterdamse Lloyd.Service: to Indonesia v.v.Depicted while leaving the yard on sept.29,1947.Refitted for cruising 1959.Sold to Italy 1965,renamed ACHILLE LAURO.
  18. LIBERIAKUST,painting by frits

    ms Liberiakust,built 1960 in Arnhem,Holland.Brt 3379.Engine Werkspoor 3600 bhp.Scrapped 1984 in Brodospas.Owner HSM,Amsterdam,service in the Holland-West Africa line.Depicted while passing Alderney and The Caskets.
  19. s.v. TIMSHEL,painting by frits

    Timshel,here depicted on the river Deben,near Harwich,She's a converted steamtug built 1911 and served as a harbourtug in Dunkirk.
  20. fisherman BR-43,painting by frits

    BR-43,Maria,homeward-bound from Dogger to Breskens (opposite Flushing,The Netherlands ).With her 3000 hp she is battling against a SW'ly gale.
1-20 of 23 Results