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  1. Ship Research
    Hi Ships Nostalgia community, I am trying to identify ships featured in several historical Canadian paintings belonging to Montship (formerly Montreal Shipping company). These paintings include depictions of the The SS Manhattan & The North West Passage at Resolute Bay in 1969, Salvage Vessel...
  2. Passenger Liners
    Dear All, The ship in this little (8" x 6") oil painting is a passenger liner of the early years of the twentieth century. She has a dark navy hull with red boot-topping and a white superstructure, with a vertical prow and counter stern; her bridge is forward (with prominent bridge wings) and...
  3. Dock Art

    I think we were in S.A. somewhere. The shadow was our "Viking" R/O....
  4. RUNIC

    RUNIC Painting, acrylic on canvas 40x80 cm 1900 completed by Harland + Wolff, Belfast for White Star Line 12.482GRT, 15.400tdw, 2 quad. expansion 5.000i.h.p each, 2 screws, 13.5kn, 400 passengers 3rd class Service from Liverpool via Cape Town to Australia and New Zealand, after 1918 also...
  5. Queen Mary 2 departing Sydney 3

    Apologies for the quality but I hope this photo conveys the sight of the QM2 lit up and sailing on moonlit waters.
  6. Reliance

    Reliance Leading the Race. Oil painting by Mark Boden, CSMA
  7. Painting, Instow

    Painting the bow at the mud flats at low water alongside the pontoon berth at Instow, Devon

    Lead ship in Holland America's 'K' Class 5,635 grt cargo ships for their North atlantic service. This is the first painting 36" x 60" in the series for the HAL newbuild NIEUW AMSTERDAM due out 2010.
  9. St Leger dry docked

    Found on an old calender got send a number of years back dont know Artist hope this is ok to show
  10. Painting the hull in Cape Town

    While the painter had a hood he was not wearing any breathing apparatus. As for the two underneath!!
  11. Painting the stern

    The Dacia of Marquette Michigan in Galveston. The ordinary stage at right has recieved some ad hoc additions. Picture taken before 1931 according to the source. Could be a good time before.
  12. Los Angeles

    Scandinavians (Swedes) painting the anchor. Posted to contrast with antics recently displayed under the title "Port Brisbane" in the Cargo Ship category. (Inasmuch as I haven't got a name for any of the two ships, but do know the port, I have posted it in the Port category)
  13. Toys for boys

    Our bosun, Paul Rayos, uses a cherry-picker at Devonport dry dock, in New Zealand, to cut in around the scuttles.
  14. Cutting in

    A seaman in the ship berthed ahead of us in Haiphong bribed a local bum-boat to act as a paint-raft while he cut in the forward draft marks
1-14 of 14 Results