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  1. Palm Line

    Palm Line

    AFRICA PALM IMO 7125328 1971 completed by VEB Warnowwerft, Warnemünde for J.A.Johansen, Oslo 10.008GRT, 14.067tdw, 11.200bhp 2SA 8Cy. MAN/DMR Dieselmotorenwerk Rostock, 18.5kn, heavy lift derrick 80t 1971: no. JORUNA 1974: br. AFRICA PALM 1983: TONG CHAU 1995 TONG ZHOU 1995...
  3. Palm Line

    Possibly Burutu Palm
  4. Palm Line

    Palm Line funnel & flag
  5. Recruitment brochure

    From the late 70's early 80's Palm Line cadet recruitment brochure. How many received these? Just a taster if anyone wants more let me know
  6. Bamenda Palm 1979

    Bamenda Palm, Huskisson Dock, Liverpool.
  7. Lagos Palm II

    Taken at Birkenhead, renamed to release the name for the new Polish built LAGOS PALM (1982)
  8. Freetown

    Taking on bunkers and Kroo boys at Freetown
  9. Oguta Palm (I)

    Bought at second-hand shop--sorry about poor quality of photo. Oguta Palm Built: 1943 Furness, Haverton Hill Tonnage: 7,221grt Owners: Palm Line 1943: Built as Lafian for United Africa Co Ltd 1949: Oguta Palm 1960: Aristoteles 1962: Foundered 16.12.1962.
  10. Katsina Palm

    Photo caption reads: 'M.V.Katsina Palm on trials, 4th December 1957.' Katsina Palm Built: 1957 Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Tonnage: 8,734grt Owners: Palm Line Ltd 1978: New Dragon 1984: Broken up Shanghai.
  11. Palm Line

    Kroo Boys ILESHA PALM 70s. ready to leave in Freetown with all their (dash) empty paint drums old ropes, you name it. Thats me in the middle (chippy)
  12. Fonzy_the_deck_boy

    ILESHA PALM dk boy Fonzy 1979

  14. Lobito Palm

    Liverpool, early 1970s
  15. Lobito Palm

    Palm Line Ltd Built 1961 Swan Hunter Wigham Richardson Tyneside; O.N. 301230 Sister ship of Lagos Palm DWT 8,807 Sold 1979 Lobito Pal; 1880 Minoa; 1980 Peruvian Trader; 1982 Richmond; 1984 Eurco R Dissposal: BU Chittagong 1984
  16. Ilorin Palm

    Liverpool, 1970s
  17. Ibadan Palm

    Liverpool, 1970s
  18. Andoni Palm

    Liverpool, March 1975
  19. Ilesha Palm

    Liverpool, March 1974
1-20 of 22 Results