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  1. Pamir

    Pamir rounding Cape Horn in 1932
  2. PAMIR

    Finnish flag.
  3. Pamir

    4 mast barque Pamir (oil painting on panel 60x50cm)
  4. PAMIR

    Delightful photo of the PAMIR having just departed from Sydney with a cargo of 50,000 bags of wheat destined for Ireland.
  5. Pamir

    4 mast barque Pamir (oil painting on panel 25x35cm)
  6. PAMIR

    The PAMIR in dock 5 at Rotterdam.
  7. Christian Radich and Pamir

    Mid Atlantic encounter.
  8. PAMIR

    PAMIR on her way to Antwerp (where she should be broken up) assisted by the Belgian tug DIR. FRED G. GERLING. She was laid up in Antwerp awaiting demolition, but in June 1951 the ship was acquired by the Hamburg company Schliewen for conversion to training ship. The same happened by the way to...
  9. Pamir

    PAMIR 1950 300 tgr H.Oorberg- Neth Blt Westerbroek Scuttled as a reef off Bridgetown , Barbados 1985. Orginal Drawing.
  10. Pamir

    Hello Mr. David Williams from Llanelli, South Wales, here as promissed (nearly) the whole Pamir. All the best, Melle
  11. Pamir

    Pamir has dropeed her tow after visiting Hull in 1930 and setting her sails at spurn.
  12. Pamir

    Bought at second hand shop in Auckland. I'm sure there are lots of old salts on this site who know all the stories. Look at that spread of sails! Pamir Built: 1905 Blohm and Voss, Steinwerder Tonnage: 3,020grt Owners: F.Laeisz, Hamburg Foundered 21.9.1957.
  13. Shifting an upper topsail

    Boys at work on the Pamir in 1930. When working on the upper of the doubled sails, you can sometimes stand on the yard below, and when belaying it is easy just to slide down below without having to return to the shrouds. It is not said so in the text, but I think the boys are cutting loose the...
  14. Blown out of the leeches.

    Upper topsail blown out on the Pamir in 1930. The reef band is still holding some rags. The upper topsail yard has no parral strap around the mast and must run in a track on the forepart of the mast. The lower mast and the topmast are in one piece. The gin block of the upper topsail halliard...
  15. Off Cape Horn

    Pamir in heavy weather in 1930. We must be looking forward from the fore end of the midship island, called a Liverpool section by some. The stock of the anchor can be seen sticking up forward, to starboard a safety netting has been rigged. The sheet and tack of the foresail is coming in in a...
  16. Pamir

    No wind: time to lower a boat and let the passenger, Heinrich Hauser, take a photograph for the book he aims to write. The empty davits turned outboard can be seen just ahead of the poop. Pamir in 1930.
  17. Pamir, off-watch

    Enjoying life, underneath the bowsprit, Pamir in 1930.
  18. Pamir, mending sails

    The sailmaker's assistants, Pamir in 1930.
  19. Pamir, wet work

    Onboard Pamir in 1930.
1-20 of 26 Results