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  1. Manzanares_Panama Canal1974.jpg

    On the Bridge of the Fyffes Reefer MANZANARES, somewhere in transit on the Panama Canal. Ricky Baird (Marconi R/O) with Dick Atkin (Fyffes Deck Cadet). Both young 21-yo at the time! (Photo by courtesy of Dick Atkin).

    Which ship is passing here the dredger in the Panama Canal?
  3. Springbank

    Four masted barque Springbank, built by Russell for A. Weir in 1894 and owned in Norway from 1913. Named Asrym from 1917. Downrigged and in use as lighter from 1920.
  4. Bridge of the Americas

    Pan-American Highway Bridge, CZ [Bridge of the Americas, Panama], taken from the Gulf Banker.
  5. Widening canal

    Widening Panama Canal.
  6. Verdi

    Verdi in the Panama Canal.
  7. Thyella

    Bulk carrier, 2 1/2 foot clearance. Canal Zone.
  8. Warrior

    Warrior at Gatun Lake, Panama Canal.
  9. St. Fotini

    Lumber leaving canal at Colon.
  10. Presidente Poidras ferry - Panama Canal - 1951

    Crowd boarding Presidente Poidras (Weehawken Ferry) for ride thru Gaillard Cut, Panama Canal. March 1951.
  11. Panama Canal

    Can anyone identify these two vessels? The nearer of the two is from the Hamburg America Line fleet whilst I think the further one is from that of Nedlloyd.
  12. Panama Canal

    In the right hand lock is the Nederland Line's Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. The vessel in the left hand lock has no name visible. Can anyone identify her?
  13. Panama Canal

    Just departed from the right hand lock looks to be a Grace Line cargo/passenger vessel. The one in the left hand one is Japanese but unfortunately her name is indistinguishable apart from ....Maru and her port of registry - Kobe.
  14. Panama Canal

    Seen from Chandris Lines RHMS Britanis on 28th November 1971 the ship is the Pholegandros. See comment for identification.
  15. Panama Canal

    A postcard from the late 1960's/early 1970's with the Pioneer class vessel Pioneer Main of United States Lines and Werrastein of Norddeutscher Lloyd in the locks See comments re identification
  16. Bridge Of Americas under construction 1961

    This bridge built close to Balboa to replace the 'Trans Pan American Highway' swing bridges on Miraflores Locks.
  17. Panama locks east-bound

    Took this as we were about to leave the western locks bound for the lakes and the cut.
  18. Panama canal east-bound

    Took this after entering the canal from the Pacific
1-19 of 80 Results