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  1. Regina Prima

    Another shot of that busy day in Genoa harbour in 1977. I wish that I'd taken other photos of this most interesting ship; built as the Panama for Panama Line and later sailed as President Hoover on American President Line's trans-Pacific service. When acquired by Chandris she sailed for some...
  2. Conte Biancamano

    Italy’s Conte Biancamano is shown entering the Pacific Side of the Panama Canal in March, 1940. Italy was still neutral at this time, so the Italian Line sent the ship on cruises out of New York to a variety of different destinations, mainly in the South Atlantic. The ship wears her country’s...
  3. Unknown off Sheerness

    Panama flag(I think),passing Garrison point for R.Medway.
  4. Star clipper

    Star clipper following Summer Phoenix into Mirraflores locks Panama Canal
  5. Panama

    Danish cargo liner PANAMA, imo 5269699/ 146,7m/ 9.013gt/ 16kn; 12/1950 completed by Naka Jukogyo Nippon, Kobe, for East Asiatic Company, Copenhagen, 1972 CELEBES SEA, Yicktung Shipping & Enterprises Co., Mogadishu; 1975 HONG QI 102, China Government, Guangzhou; 1986 arrived somewhere in China...
  6. Cristobal

    Vessels awaiting transit through the Panama Canal...
  7. Gatun Locks

  8. Gatun Locks

  9. Balboa, Panama

    Ever Reach passing Balboa...Maxim Gorkiy is seen alongside.
  10. SS A. J. Cassatt [name changed to Appanoose, Santa Ana]

    The SS A. J. Cassatt was laid down on June 20, 1944 at Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, but upon completion she was acquired by the U.S. Navy on August 10th, 1944 and commissioned as USS Appanoose (AK-226) on September 26th, 1944. Later in commercial service the name was changed to Santa Ana. The...
  11. Bridge of the Americas

    Poor shot in the pouring rain, Balboa end of the Canal.
  12. Wellington Express

    Balboa Shipyard, sorry about poor quality, camera was struggling with the pouring rain, ( well that`s my excuse!)
  13. USS Jarrett

    Balboa Navy Base, Panama Canal
  14. USS Jarrett

    Balboa, Panama Canal Naval Base.
1-20 of 54 Results