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  1. Papendrecht

    PAPENDRECHT 1940 10746 tgr Van Ommeren- Neth. DUNSTER GRANGE on right Taken at Port Said on 4-10-46 from DALLINGTON COURT
  2. Papendrecht

    The MS Papendrecht entering New York City. Think early 1950's. Dutch companie Phs van Ommeren.
  3. Papendrecht ex RFA Empire Salvage

    Built by Rotterdam Drydock Co in 1940 as Papendrecht. Requisitioned by the Germans and renamed Lothringen and refitted to be a supply ship for Bismark. Captured by the cruiser Dunedin in 1941 and renamed RFA Empire Salvage. She provided valuabe information about German advances in RAS...
1-3 of 3 Results