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  1. Paranagua

    Supply ship for the German invasion forces. Built as Paranagua at the Howaldtswerke, Hamburg. Launch March 15, delivery May 4. Sunk by mine off Den Helder December 17.
  2. Paranagua, Brazil

    Del Mar loading coffee in Paranagua, Brazil. My grandmother stands at the right, with purse, gloves, heels, and hat -- normal attire for her travels.
  3. Paranagua, Brazil

    The ship behind the Del Mar appears to have two names, the first with about 5 letters, and the second with about 11 letters, looking like SPAR____EOS.
  4. Loading Coffee

    Loading coffee on the Del Mar, in Paranagua, Brazil.
  5. Paranagua, Brazil

    Loading coffee on the Del Mar, in Paranagua.
  6. War transport Paranagua

    The German war transport Paranagua, photographed in August or September 1940, when the ship was already camouflaged for participation in Operation Sea Lion, the planned invasion of Britain. The Paranagua (6062 grt / 9425 tdw) was a quite modern motor vessel, being launched on March 15th, 1939...
  7. Paranagua

    Loading coffee in Brazil. Late fifties? The information I have is that each bag weighs 132 pounds, but not what ship it is.
1-7 of 7 Results