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  1. Stena Parisien arrives at Newhaven

    Stena Parisien passes Pegasus One on arrival at Newhaven
  2. Stena Parisien and Pegasus One

    Stena Parisien loads at No.1 ramp, Newhaven. Astern of her is Pegasus One.
  3. Parisien and Pegasus

    Stena Parisien loading for here evening sailing while Pegasus One waits to enter service as Stena Pegasus.
  4. Looking upriver at Newhaven.

    L-R, we see tug Meeching, Stena Lynx at No.2 ramp and Stena Parisien [ex Champs Elysees] at No. 1 ramp.
1-4 of 4 Results