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    CAP ARCONA Built 1927, Biscaya The normal route of this ship was Hamburg to Le Havre, Bilbao, Lisbon, Las Palmas and then to Brazil , Argentina and Uruguay. She carried many Portugese and Spanish passengers. Completed in 1927 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg 27.561GRT, 11.500tdw 196,2 x 25,8 metres 8
  2. NS Savannah

    NS Savannah

    The first nuclear powered merchant ship Savannah is seen passing Alcatraz Prison during a departure from San Francisco on 13 January, 1963.
  3. CATHAY.


    Built in 1956-13,821grt for P&O SN CO LTD.


    Silver Whisper in Trieste 2 Oct 2009
  5. Liner in Venice

    Liner in Venice

    Costa Serena departing Venice Sunday 13 September 2009
  6. Silver Whisper at Trieste

    Silver Whisper at Trieste

    Silver Whisper at Trieste on 2nd Oct 2009. Noticed a picture on the site taken in Hobart and it reminded me of the ship when I was in Trieste late last year..
  7. Inchanga off Colombo c1963

    Inchanga off Colombo c1963

    I think this is the Inchanga, but it could easily be the Isipingo!!!
  8. CT Neptune

    CT Neptune

    Operated as Casino gambling ship ex Hong Kong (Sept 2007) built in 1976 as Russian cruise ferry Kareliya and also operated as Leonid Brezhnev for CTC Lines. In 1998 she became the Olvia and sold to her present owners Wide Asia in 2005
  9. Macau Success

    Macau Success

    In Hong Kong Harbour - operating as Gambling Casino ship (Sept 2007)
  10. Macau Sucess

    Macau Sucess

    Macau Sucess at anchor in Hong Kong Harbour Sept 2007 - one of five casino ships which sail every night from Hong Kong harbour into International waters as gambling ships. Built as Golden Odyessy in 1974 for Royal Cruise Lines of Greece and after various roles in asian waters moved to her current o
  11. Doulos


    Doulos, the oldest passenger ship in the world, berthed at Ocean Terminal, Hong Kong - Sept 2007
  12. The Rip and QE2, Melbourne, late 1970's

    The Rip and QE2, Melbourne, late 1970's

    This is the first visit of the QE2 to Melbourne. Tied up behind her is The Rip. I think she is a converted corvette from WW2 and later used as either a service ship for the Bass Strait islands or else a pilot station for Port Phillip. Later I think she went to the Australian Maritime College at Laun
  13. Name?=Capetown Castle

    Name?=Capetown Castle

    I really don't know her name, but I know that she's a 23,000 ton passenger and mail liner being pulled from her berth alongside a quay in a river. And I believe I can read the first letters of her long name as: CAPE... Are we on the Humber as usual, with tugs and smoke? Does the tug-names end in ...
  14. Dominion Monarch Shaw Savill Line

    Dominion Monarch Shaw Savill Line

    Dominion Monarch, built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Wallsend in 1939 - she was the largest passenger ship ever owned by Shaw Savill. She operated on round the world service from UK to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand (Troopship duties 1940-1948) - scrapped in Osaka Japan in 1962