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  1. Portuguese liner FUNCHAL

    Built in Sweden in 1961 for for Portuguese shipping line Empresa Insulana de Navegação, SA. Converted for cruise service in the late 1970's. She is still in service, sailing for Portuscale Cruises, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Original watercolour by master Fernando Lemos Gomes
  2. For Cunard61

    Hello, I thought I would have a go and tidy up your photo. Hope you like it! Drat those kids eh? never did anything like that when we was kids! ;-0 I wonder if someone was asking about the ships propellors as the marking seemed to be an arrow pointing to an 'x' at the ships waterline. Just a...
  3. Empress of scotland, mid river.

    I think this was taken from either the St. Tudno or St. Seriol. Not sure. Could even be one of the IOM steamers.
1-4 of 4 Results