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  1. Paua

    Small snapshot of coastal tanker 'Paua' arriving Lyttelton c.late 1940's. Paua Built: 1927 Harland and Wolff, Govan, Glasgow Tonnage: 1,259grt Owners: British Imperial Oil Co(NZ) Ltd Especially built for coastal services, she could carry 1077 tons of motor spirit and 2550 cases of oil...
  2. Paua

    A coastal tanker on the NZ coast from c. 1927-1950. Photo taken at Auckland c.1930. Paua Built: 1927 Harland and Wolff, Govan Tonnage: 1,260grt Owners: British Imperial Oil Heather(1950-54), Lucky Carrier(1954-57), 1956: Wrecked off Akyab, 30.5.1956 1957: Broken up, Hong Kong.
  3. Paua

    First New Zealand flag tanker was the "Paua", seen here at Bluff. Completed by Harland & Wolff, Govan, in 1927 she was 1,260 grt, 217.3' x 36.6' and was a single screw motorship. Her tank hatches were specially designed to allow her to carry case oil in the tanks if required, and in a dry cargo...
1-3 of 3 Results