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  1. The clipper barque PEARL in Hamilton Harbour c. 1856

    The "Pearl" was a clipper barque, launched May 10 1855 from the shipyards of Mr Nathaniel Yates of White's Island in Hamilton Harbour. The barque was 252 tons burthen. Her various owners included Samuel Pruden Watson, Thomas Burch James, Solomon Hutchins (master mariner), and William Smith...
  2. Pearl

    In the Sound of Mull.
  3. Pearl

    At Greenock.
  4. Aegean Pearl and Ocean Majesty

    At Piraeus On the 13th of February 2010
  5. Privateer 'Pearl'

    Mid 18th century privateer 'Pearl' out of Bristol model ship in bottle. Model is of museum standard.
  6. PEARL

  7. Pearl

    Stevie Clark's, "Pearl", swinging leaving Magheramorne jetty on a backspring, late 70's.
  8. s.s. Pearl

    Wm. Robertsons (Glasgow) Pearl. I've no definite details but would guess (from Miramar) built 1896, Shearer, Kelvinhaugh, 691 grt, scrapped 1950, lbp 56.4m. The photo can be credited to Leslie W. Hansen,Cardiff. My father has noted that " ss Pearl, the last vessel to load a cargo of...
  9. Pearl

    The "Pearl" in Stevenson Clarke's colours, entering Larne Lough for Magheramorne 11-5-83, Kelly's "Ballykern" in the background making her way to Derry.
  10. Pearl

    Stevie Clarkes "Pearl", leaving Larne Lough, from Maghermorne late 80's. She was Robertsons Pearl, and before that the Somersbydyke, one for the sheriff.
1-10 of 10 Results