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    Company postcard purchased on board during voyage from Capetown to Southampton Dec 1969
  2. Pendennis Castle

    Berthed in Cape Town
  3. Pendennis Castle

    Union Castle Line Scanned from a large size print - possibly a builder's trials photo
  4. Pendennis Castle

    Berthed with Caronia at the Queen Elizabeth 2 terminal in Southampton. To judge from her position and the fact there appear to be several other ships in the distance this picture could well date to the strike of 1966
  5. Pendennis Castle

    Union Castle Line Alongside at Port Elizabeth in the 1960's
  6. Pendennis Castle

    Pendennis Castle 1967 . Not sure which Port
  7. Pendennis Castle

    Union Castle Line Unusually berthed at the Queen Elizabeth II passenger terminal at Southampton
  8. Pendennis Castle

    Union Castle Line The beautiful Pendennis Castle dominating the scene in a vintage view of the Western Docks at Southampton
  9. My wedding day Cape town 1976 Pendennis Castle

    In this pic Freddie bar man, Les Brown wine waiter, Jimmy Duffy winger, me other faces cant remember. if you know them please reply thanks
  10. RMS Pendennis Castle, Southampton, June 1966

    RMS Pendennis Castle, Union Castle, 1959-76 Harland & Wolff, 28450 grt, 763ft long, Parsons turbines, 46000 shp, twin screw, 22.5 knots. Scrapped Taiwan 1980. Behind: RMS Caronia, Cunard, 1948-68. J Brown, 34180 grt, 714ft long, turbines 30000 ihp, twin screw, 22 knots. Wrecked Guam on...
  11. Cape Town 1969

    Cape Town from Table Mountain Road, Dec 1969. Pendennis Castle in harbour.
  12. Pendennis Castle

    Cape Town, Dec 1969. What gives you the first clue it's Christmas?
  13. Pendennis Castle

    Docking in East London
  14. Pendennis Castle

    Union Castle Line's Pendennis Castle below Table Mountain.
  15. Pendennis Castle

    Pendennis Castle, Funchal,1965.
  16. Pendennis Castle

    Pendennis Castle H&W Belfast yard No 1558. Preparing to lift funnel onto Pendennis Castle in background.
1-16 of 16 Results