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  1. Voith Schneider inspection Stroombank.

    Niehuis en van den Berg at Pernis, by Roukema Straver de Vries and Jongejan.
  2. Stroombank in dock.

    Voith Schneider tug Stroombank from Nieuwe Rotterdamse Sleepdienst in drydock Niehuis en van den Berg at Pernis. 1969
  3. Two Rotterdam Tugs

    Astronaut from Smit Harbor and Independent 6 from Volharding taken from Niehuis en van den Berg Pernis. 1969
  4. Smit International and Smit Harbor.

    Oceaan Assist by the tug Krimpen to drydock Niehuis van den Berg at Pernis.
  5. CHEVRON PERNIS at North Sea Anchorage

    Chevron Pernis, Liberian Flag, 268,000tons dwt at anchor viewed from sister ship Chevron Feluy. Both waiting off Europort to discharge PG crude. Date October 1975.
1-5 of 5 Results