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  1. Morgenster, Oosterschelde, Maybe entering Blyth, 2016

    Morgenster, Oosterschelde, Maybe entering Blyth, 2016
  2. Narrowboat Sunflower

    'Dutch' style narrowboat, Sunflower, passing Woughton Marina, Milton Keynes, Grand Union Canal.
  3. Old narrow boat

    An old narrowboat passing Milton Keynes on the Grand Union Canal, April 2013
  4. Seahouses c.1972

    Radiant Way and Childrens Friends beached for painting, Seahouses, c.1972
  5. LIMA 2009

    Vessels at LIMA 2009, Langkawi, Malaysia. KM Langkawi, 7501
  6. INS Kesari

    INS Kesari, at Langkawi 2009. A Shardul class landing ship of the Indian Navy
  7. Norwegian

    Two unknown Norwegian Frigates, Oslo, 1971
  8. HMCS Annapolis & HNoMS Stavanger

    Canadian Destroyer HMCS Annapolis, (DDH 265) and Norwegian Frigate HNoMS Stavanger, F303 Annapolis was sunk as an artificial reef for diving, 2010/11. At the same time I photographed HMCS Huron, and HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes, F804. I presume they were on the same exercise. They have been posted...
  9. HMS Kellington

    HMS Kellington, M1154, Minesweeper on River Tyne For more info.
  10. RFA Sir Lancelot

    RFA Sir Lancelot in Dock, Brigham & Cowans, South Shields, c.1973
  11. Hillsider & Seasider

    Tugs Hillsider & Seasider on River Blyth, 1960's
  12. Poatere, Makassar

    Pinisi in Poatere Harbour, Makassar, 1993
  13. Penang Fishing Boat

    Just an ordinary fishing boat at Telok Bahang, Penang, Malaysia
  14. Kuzguncuk, Istanbul

    A ferry operating from the Golden Horn in Istanbul in 1969
  15. Hadriania, Shell

    Shell Tanker Hadriania, Curacao, November 1964
  16. Tunku Abdul Rahman

    The Malaysian Navy's most recent vessel, (Dec. 2009), at Langkawi for LIMA
  17. Everett F Wells, Swan Hunters

    This was the last super-tanker to be built at Swan Hunters. Not long after, the houses were demolished and this iconic scene was lost for ever. Please do not be tempted to rip-off this copyright photo. This, and several similar shots of mine, of the Wallsend terraces and super-tankers...
  18. Kokan Sevak

    Ferry from Bombay to Panji, (Goa).
1-20 of 30 Results