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  1. Petrogas 1 port side

    floating LPG storage, Koh sichang 1984
  2. Mushroom

    (lie) ..during a break between gas transhipments, the crew of the Petrogas1 have time to examine the first giant mushroom raised at sea without the use of compost ,thanks to the balmy Thai climate (true) receiving the satellite phone dome (I like the lie best!) Petrogas 1, Koh Sichang 1984
  3. Colourblind is NOT an option

    Petrogas1, ex Paul Endacott, from the crows nest-- Suez Bay, 1980. for the gas men out there now let me see, blue is liquid,red is vapour,brown is hydraulics.................... p.s. "slight accident" with one of the lifeboats!
  4. Petrogas 1

    Refrigerated LPG tanker, owners Arab Gas, managers Souter Hamlet (W.A. Souter), Newcastle. O.N. 152/99 (Jeddah) grt 17820 bhp 10350 Cartagena, Spain 1979
1-4 of 4 Results