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petrojarl banff
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    PETROJARL BANFF IMO No.: 9184330 - Built: 1997 - ETA: 10.09.2012 - ETD: TBA - Typ: FPSO - Length: 120,70 m - Beam: 53,50 m - GT: 18.488 - DWT: 20.800 - Manager: Teekay Petrojarl ASA, Norway
  2. Petrojarl Banff, and tug

    Petrojarl Banff, leaving Scapa Flow, for refit in Germany.
  3. Aerial View of Petrojarl Banff in Scapa Flow.

    An aerial view of Petrojarl Banff in Scapa Flow : Orkney Isles. Taken from aircraft, Flybe/Logan Air Aberdeen x Kirkwall. 40 mins :o)
  4. Petrojarl Banff Crew

    Some crew members just left Scapa Pier onboard the John Jolly launch en route to join the Petrojarl Banff. 26.6.12. L x R : Stuart, Allan, Kevin, Roland, Neil & Mike.
  5. Petrojarl Banff

    The Petrojarl Banff FPSO : Banff field 120 mls E of Abz, under tow by the Havila Venus after it lost 5 of it`s 10 anchors during severe weather on Dec 9th : waiting for weather off Wick before crossing the Pentland Firth to get `pegged ` out in the sheltered waters of Scapa Flow.
  6. Petrojarl Banff

    Being towed into Scapa Flow for a few weeks.
1-6 of 6 Results