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    Home port Philadelphia. Built by American International Shipbuilding Company, Hog Island, Pennsylvania, 1919. - 5590 gross tons; - 410 (bp) feet long; - 46 feet wide. - Steam turbine engine, single screw. - Service speed 11.5 knots. Built for U.S. Shipping Board, in 1919 and named...
  2. Philadelphia

    American Line Early 20th century deck scene - compare with:
  3. Philadelphia

    Outside dock gate Philadelphia. Probably near Pier 38 or thereabouts.
  4. Philadelphia

    American Line Built 1889 by J&G Thomson 10,649 gross tons, 527 foot x 41 foot, speed @ 19 knots ex City of Paris - Inman Line 1893 - Became American Line Paris 1895 - Government Service as Yale 1899 - Went ashore on the Manacles - rebuilt as Philadelphia 1917 - 1919 Became USS...
  5. Philadelphia

    Built 1889 by J&G Thomson as City of Paris for Inman Line 10,669 gross tons, 537 foot x 41 foot beam @ 19 knots 1893 became American Line 'Paris' 1895 on Government service as 'Yale' 1899 went ashore on the Manacles - rebuilt as 'Philadelphia' 1917 - 1919 became 'USS Harrisburg' 1922...
  6. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad tugboat MAJ. HENRY BREWERTON

    The B&O Railroad tug MAJ. HENRY BREWERTON resting at Pier 62 South Wharves, Delaware River, Philadelphia, on March 12, 1938. At the time, the tug was out of service awaiting a sale to new owners. The BREWERTON was built in Baltimore in 1857 and operated there until transferred to...

    The ALTAIR, waiting at Philadelphia for us to tow it to Avondale Shipyard in New Orleans for converstion to a Rapid Deployment Ro/Ro in November of 1983.
  8. Hungover

    Me again. Hungover after a 'fun' night in Philadelphia. I was chief on the GAUNTLET, a Crowley Invader Class tug and we were preparing to tow one of the SL-7's from Philly to New Orleans for the conversion to a Rapid Deployment Ro/Ro. This was in mid to late November of 1983.
  9. Philadelphia Waterfront

    Philadelphia Skyline and Penns Landing with Moshulu in September 2005
1-9 of 9 Results