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  1. Ship Research
    Hello to all, I am currently writing a book about my family's migration history, and one of the ships they used was the "San Gottardo". It was originally called "Giulio Cesare" (1891, Italy), and then "Maranhão" (1897, Ligure Roman company). Sometimes it was mistakenly called "Memfi". My...
  2. Ship Research
    As part of my research into the wreck of the SS Camlough, I've ended up looking at the various small steamers which took part in the Camlough salvage operations from the beach at Monreith. One of these was the SS Ethel. Her details (thanks to Bill H) on this forum are: ETHEL O.N...
  3. Ship Research
    Hello,everybody.(Wave) I am founding a small private maritime museum about the freighters of the 50s to the 80s.( the age before containers ) Part of it is a complete coasterbridge which I buildt with full equipment.My problem now is ,that I want to create the impression to look through the...
  4. Reuzen Jan WK-119

    Built by -Welgelegen-,Zoutkamp 1983-YE-25-Biem 1990-WK-119-Reuzen Jan. WK = Workum,Holland). 1992-GY-119-Giant John. 2005-GY-119-Deo Valente.
  5. Luz De Mar

    Spanish rescue tug in the strait on the 9th April. Daniel

    SAMUEL D.CHAMPLAIN on April 10th 1944 in convoy at position 37°25'N 75°15'W appr.46 miles northeast off Chesapeake Bay as part of convoy UGS.39 (Hampton Rds - Port Said). Owned by U.S.Department of Commerce and operated by United States Lines Co.under WSA Service Agreement Form GAA.
  7. terry,s dis,photo

    terrance pattison,dis photo,does anyone remember him sailed as ab also bosun
  8. Schelde

    Built by J & K Smit N.V, Kinderdijk,(864) Holland. 423 brt x 0 nt. 44.63 ( 41.89) x 9.47 x 4.09 ( 3.08). 3 Diesel engines-Klöckner Humboldt Deutz ( 220 x 280) connected to 3 generators and connected to 2 electro engines, 1 propeller shaft. 1800 bhp. 1958-Schelde, owner: L.Smit & Co's...
1-9 of 9 Results