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  1. Atlantic Convoys Remembrance

    Hull Corporation Pier Sunday 3rd March 2013.
  2. High Water, Aithsvoe Pier

    We've had an easterly severe gale overnight and the an extreme high water during the day. There is a pier there! See if you can see the crane at the end of the pier surrounded by water. The pontoons in the background off the breakwater are receiving a bit of a battering.
  3. Roker Pier and Lighthouse, Port of Sunderland

    Looking down onto Roker Pier at Port of Sunderland Love the extreme curve
  4. Swettenham Pier, Penang

    Looking towards Swettenham Pier from the Georgetown ferry terminal in Penang, Malaysia. This pier is also used by the Langkawi ferry (avoid like the plague if there is a heavy swell).
  5. Engraving 19th Century - Ostend Pier

    Another drawing from Sea Pictures (circa 1888) by James Macauley, The Religious Tract Society, London
1-5 of 5 Results