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  1. PAS Steam Tug Pilot.

    Portland Based 50's/60's.
  2. Pilot - Buenaventura

    Pilot boat, Buenaventura, Colombia.
  3. Kusadasi Pilot

    The pilot for Kusadasi, Turkey comes aboard the Carnival cruise ship Ocean Village (now Pacific Pearl of P&O Cruises Australia) via a pilot ladder.

    This postcard photo (postmark date illegible) of Concarneau shows the former Le Havre pilot cutter INGOUVILLE. All I have been able to establish is that she was in service at Le Havre 1948-1958. She looks to me as if she may have previously been a minesweeper. Her funnel has EM, or possibly EAM.
  5. Patrol

    Heading for Gravesend after putting Pilot ashore at Tilbury
  6. PILOT

    At N York 4-2010
  7. Seamark

    Seamark while still in operating colours, 8 years ago.we still have only 2 months to scrape together £27250 to save her from being cut up, all advice welcome. Did you serve with Seamark? or know anything about her history?
  8. British Statesman

    Pilot leaving British Statesman
  9. Shoreham Harbour

    12-06-2008 Shoreham Harbour. Not the easiest one in windy condition, still one of my favorite. They have very good pilots, I had exemption for few years too.
  10. Rotterdam Pilot

    Helicopter as used by Rotterdam Pilots. Photo taken in mid 70s
  11. Pilot Helicopter

    Pilot helicopter off Rotterdam in the 70s Helicopters were used in bad weather for certain ships.

    Le Havre pilot, don,t know which side to rig the ladder.
  13. NE Spit Pilot

    Pilot boat is heading for Ramsgate
  14. NE Spit Pilot

    This time my reliever arrived on pilot boat
  15. Gemini

    Gemini Pilot Boat having difficulties to take of pilot from coster Kongsvaag
  16. Tees Pilot Boat

    as seen on 22-10-2008 crossing Tees Dock entrance
  17. Rotterdam - Maas Pilot

    Catamaran with quick healing tanks to adjust pilot boat freeboard to facilitate pilot boarding operations.
1-20 of 31 Results