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  1. NORDENHAM sinking 1944

    The steamer Nordenham is seen here very low in the water after being hit with a torpedo by a Soviet submarine in the eastern Baltic Sea in December 1944. Originally the NORDENHAM was built as one of the first purpose-built refrigerator ships in Germany, being launched on 3 Dec 1914 and...

    Police- and communications vessel PIONIER on the Van Gelder River (current name Sungai Mamberamo) in Netherlands New Guinea.

    1918 laid down as WAR BOMBER, completed as PIONIER, 1930 transferred to Cie. Maritime Belge, 1939 sold to Panama renamed CARMAR, 1941 sold to Japan renamed KAIMEI MARU, 4th Sep.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.S. submarine off Honshu. 5,195
  4. Pionier and Peter Wessel at Frederikshavn during WW2

    Pionier and Peter Wessel at Frederikshavn during WW2
1-4 of 4 Results