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  1. P.J.Adams

    Crew involved in maintaining the hose handling derricks adjacent to the midship's cargo manifolds. 1964.
  2. P.J Adams

    crew working around deck, 1964
  3. P.J. Adams

    The Chief Officer, Reg Swan, preparing for "tank diving" the old way before we had self-contained breathing apparatus. Thankfully the tanks were fairly small!
  4. P.J. Adams

    Drydock, Schiedam, 1964
  5. P.J. Adams

    Drydocked at Wilton Fijnoord, Schiedam,1964
  6. P.J. Adams

    At the tank washing berth before proceeding to drydock, Wilton Fijnoord, Schiedam, 1964.
  7. P.J. Adams

    Northbound in South China Sea from Bahrain to Nagoya, 1964
  8. P.J. Adams

    Loading at the BAPCO terminal in Sidon, Lebanon, early 1965.
  9. P.J.Adams

    From the "goalposts" a view of a fine ship. Looks like the Engine Room was blowing tubes on the Stbd boiler as she was normally a fine steamer- Fisher controls!
  10. P.J. Adams

    My first view of her as I joined as a cadet in Suez in late 1964 She was under charter to Caltex Netherlands as we spent the next 12 months trading from Europort, Rotterdam to Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia and Italy
1-10 of 10 Results