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  1. Fishing Vessels
    I'm searching for Catania for som info about the fishing vessel Catania. It is build in Denmark in 1968. My dad was the last owner before it got sold for Poland. Last known number is, Kol 47 Catania from Kolzeberzg.Is there someone there have som information about the vessel of some pictures...
  2. Dar Mlodziezy

    Dar Mlodziezy

  3. Batory


  4. Tuscana


    Polish sterntrawler, type B-22.
  5. Seamen and Fishermen Memorial

    Seamen and Fishermen Memorial

    Gdynia 01-11-2009 end every 1st of November
  6. Memory of Seamen and Fishermen ...

    Memory of Seamen and Fishermen ...

    Memory of Seaman and Fishermen which died at sea. Monument can be seen on Gdynia Bulwar. The 1st of November is a special day when we all visiting graves of our lovely ones or friends which passed away.
  7. SWI-48


    Swinoujscie (german Schwinemünde)fishing harbour, ca 1992
  8. DZI - 62, name?

    DZI - 62, name?

    Several vessels of this type seen in Swinousjcie fishing harbour ca 1992. All with unusual many dents and reparations
  9. Newcastle


    Newcastle, she is the youngest ship of SCS Ltd. Here in Gdansk on 28-03-2008
  10. Small and Big, Gdansk

    Small and Big, Gdansk

    Small - Newcastle, Big - Samutra as seen in Gdansk Harbour on 28-03-2009
  11. Championship


    Onboard Dar Pomorza - Sunday competition
  12. Dar Pomorza

    Dar Pomorza

    I have joined this ship in June 1976 for the first time. It was adventure. It's 33 years I am at sea already and still I think this is the best sea school for youngsters. First natural selection too. For detail refer to previous picture posted some time ago, please.
  13. Dallington in Gryfia

    Dallington in Gryfia

    Dallington entering drydock in Gryfia Shipyard on 03-09-2008
  14. Gdynia


    Gdynia Harbour, Marina, building on the left Maritime Academy - Department of Navigation, next to the right Aquarium. On the horizon line Hel Peninsula
  15. ORP Blyskawica

    ORP Blyskawica

    ORP Blyskawica bow
  16. ORP Blyskawica

    ORP Blyskawica

    ORP Blyskawica in Gdynia Harbour, Museum
  17. Monument


    Monument with names of destroyers which took part in II World War combat. Gdynia - Skwer Kosciuszki
  18. Dar Pomorza

    Dar Pomorza

    I joined this ship as cadet in 1976 for two month and again in 1977 four month. She is museum now and can be seen in Gdynia.


    SS Sołdek: Built 1948, LOA 87 m, Beam 12.30 m, draft 5.35 m, dwt 2540, main engine: 4 cylinders steam engine Lentza, shell plates connected by rivets, speed 9.5 knots, 1 deck, 4 holds, 28 crew.
  20. Beach Fishing Harbour

    Beach Fishing Harbour

    Poland - Gdynia Orlowo, small, open fishing boats are still used here. You can always buy fresh or smoked cod, flat fish, herrings, eel and salmon, if you get out of the bed early enough. You may see a rising sun too - very often.