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  1. Polar Prince (L) & Polar King

    Taken morning of 20th March 2014 at Princes Landing Stage Liverpool. Polar King is also equipped with ROV's. Specially built for rough weather ops.
  2. Polar Prince

    Cable ship and offshore construction vessel, Polar Prince, at Liverpool Pier Head
  3. Polar Prince

    Cable ship/offshore support vessel Polar Prince in Birkenhead
  4. Polar Prince

    Offshore support vessel Polar Prince at Liverpool Pierhead
  5. Polar Prince

    Lying in Lerwick early this morning the 31/08/2012

    Leaving Lerwick today.

    Ex Coast Guard icebreaker/buoy tender POLAR PRINCE alongside at Ocean Terminals,Halifax,Nova Scotia on June 2010. Polar Prince is a multi-purpose ship orginally built as a class 100A medium-duty icebreaker for service in Canadian Arctic as the Sir Humphrey Gilbert. Former Name(s):GILBERT I ...
1-7 of 7 Results