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  1. Pole Star

    Northern Lighthouse Board tender Pole Star in Oban Bay, off berth to let Pharos dock at the Lighthouse Pier.
  2. Pole Star

    Pole Star - Loch Ryan April 2010

    Buoy/LH Tender POLE STAR in Loch Linnhe, near Corpach
  4. Pole Star

    NLB Buoy Tender Pole Star working at Ardveenish Isle of Barra 01/09/07
  5. pole star

    NLB vessel Pole Star going out hoy sound on a poor day
  6. pole star leaving sule skerry

    old pole star leaving sule skerry early eighties
  7. Pole Star

    The bouy boat.
  8. Pole Star

    At N.L.B pier Stromness
1-9 of 9 Results