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  1. Other Companies/Ships
    Hi, I'am retired now but sailed as a marine engineer in the 70's. Can I make anybody happy with aan original flag of the Polish Ocean Lines. Please respond quick as I'am on the brink of travel.

    Having departed Gdynia the previous evening, Polish Ocean Lines' STEFAN BATORY cuts through the cobalt waters of the Baltic on 31 May 1978, enroute Rotterdam, Tilbury and Montreal.
  3. Aleksander Zawadzki

    Polish Ocean Line vessel at Rotterdam...
  4. Stefan Czarniecki

    Nice line up of general cargo ships in Hamburg...
  5. Zeromski

    POL's Zeromski seen passing Hook van Holland...
  6. Edward Dembowski

    The MS Edward Dembowski (4892 grt/2722 nrt) seen here as a training ship for the Polish Ocean Lines at Gdynia. Completed in June 1941 by Eriksberg Mek. Verk. A/B Gothenburg as Sven Salén for Rederi A/B Jamaica. 1954 bought by Poland for the China trade. In 1973 decommissioned and rebuilt as a...
  7. Koszalin

    Koszalin Built: 1960 Paryskiej, Gdynia Tonnage: 1,273grt Owners: Polish Ocean Lines 1983: Badr 1987: Broken up Gadani Beach.
  8. Krynica

    Krynica Built: 1958 A. Warskiego, Szczecin Tonnage: 3,442grt Owners: Polish Ocean Lines 1978: Sold to Polamerica Sg Co, r/n 'Kristina F'. 1982: R/n 'Big Orange' 1984: Broken up Kaohsiung.
1-8 of 8 Results