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  1. Polly Woodside

    Polly Woodside Minus her main topmast and yards 6 February 2018
  2. Polly Woodside

    Polly Woodside minus main topmasts etc. 23 January 2018 From the Polly Woodside website: ' Removing and replacing the rigging, sanding, refinishing and replacing areas of the masts and repainting or replacing associated elements like the blocks. Preliminary non-destructive ultrasonic...
  3. Polly Woodside

    Polly Woodside South Wharf, Melbourne 26 September 2017
  4. Polly Woodside

    Polly Woodside South Wharf, Melbourne 27 December 2016
  5. Polly Woodside

    Polly Woodside Yarra River, Melbourne 15 October 2016
  6. Polly Woodside

    Polly Woodside Yarra River, Melbourne 15 October 2016 Patches on top of patches.

    POLLY WOODSIDE 3 masted barque seen here at her berth nr. The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the River Yarra Melbourne, Australia ........... Pic taken Thurs. 21/5/09
  8. Polly Woodside, Melbourne 2009

    Polly Woodside has just this week been relocated back to her original berth alongside the Melbourne Convention Centre. A new museum complex is being built alongside, as well as some restorative maintenance on the ship.
  9. 'Polly Woodside'

    Polly, out of her old berth, first time in years.
  10. Iron Barque "POLLY WOODSIDE"

    In he Melbourne Vic. Maritime Museum Collection. Built in Belfast 1885 by Workman Clark & Co for R.B. Woodside.
  11. Polly Woodside 1984

    Looking forward along the deck.
  12. Steam launch and Polly Woodside 1984

    This steam launch was being built in the yards alongside the Polly Woodside. Old skills still in use. Steam launch now operates on the Yarra.
  13. Polly Woodside, Melbourne 1984

    Polly Woodside (formerly Rona)at her present location in Melbourne before the high rise gentrification of nearby South Wharf, North Wharf and Victoria Dock. Rialto Towers in the background still being built.
  14. Rona 1966, before restoration to Polly Woodside

    Rona as a disused coal lighter at dockside on the Yarra River Melbourne. Later restored as Barque Polly Woodside. Photo taken 1966
  15. Melbourne

    The Polly Woodside. If you are around Melbourne,- worth a look. But I post this to hang on to a thread started in the Life Onboard category concerning white Marine Glue. Used here, but seemingly not in a H & W passenger vessel. Stein
1-16 of 16 Results