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    In 1936 the German ship POMMERN was a regular visitor from Stettin to the port of Rotterdam. No info, the funnel mark reads probably RC.
  2. Pommern

    Pommern discharging steel plate at Cavendish Quay, Birkenhead. 27/5/10
  3. Pommern

    Pommern discharging steel products at Ellesmere Port. 24/6/09
  4. Pommern

    Pommern 1938
  5. Pommern

    sv Pommern off Mew Island (Copeland Islands) 1938. These 3 photos of the Pommern were given to me as a young school-boy by the Belfast pilot who took the Pommern out in 1938 - I am afraid I cannot remember his name.
  6. Pommern

    4-m barque built by J. Reid et Co. in Glasgow in 1903 as Mneme. Today a museum ship in Mariehamn in the Åland islands. I've commented elsewhere that she didn't look bad for a bald-header - a ship without royals - but here her square sail-plan is very prominent, the after end looks quite heavy, and
  7. Pommern

    The Pommern leaving Cape Town. She's a bald-header, that is: without royals, and she's full-built and square in her sail plan,- generally as a type considered the most unlovely of sailing ships. But she's from the yard of John Reid in Port Glasgow, and from there nothing unlovely was ever launched.
  8. Pommern

    Pommern through the rigging of a yacht while under Erikson flag. Built 1903 as Mneme, 4-m bk, 2324t. She is a so-called 'bald header' through having no royals. The uppermost sail is the upper topgallant, but this is so deep it comprises the depth of a royal as well. So that her looks still are, as w
1-8 of 8 Results