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    Electricity collier built by Austin's at Sunderland in 1949. She was sold on in 1960 becoming TANDIK and in 1963 HAMEN. I believe she is still around the subject of a possible restoration project.
  2. Hamen

    The Norwiegian owned Hamen 1364 grt. Built 1949 by S P Austin & Son Ltd. Sunderland. Ex Tandik 63 Ex Pompey Power 60 Seen at Bristol 19 March 1965 loading Coke for Mo-i-rana
  3. Pompey Power

    Portsmouth Electricity Generating Station's collier Pompey Power entering the Camber Docks, Old Portsmouth circa 1955. The power station had its own private dock within the Camber. From this dock the coal would be offloaded and then transported via an overhead conveyer belt, across the road, to...
1-3 of 3 Results