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  1. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven - Outbound from Portsmouth
  2. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven
  3. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven - Portsmouth
  4. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven - Portsmouth
  5. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven - Portsmouth
  6. Pont Aven

    The French m/v PONT AVEN, imo 5381843/83m/1.320gt/13knots; 20/06/1953 completed by Chantiers et Ateliers de Bretagne, Nantes, for UIM-Union Industrielle et Maritime, Rouen, which employed her on the Portugal service, Rouen, Lisbon, Setubal, Oporto/Leixões and Rouen; 22/04/1965 AGDAL, Consortium...
  7. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven yesterday Tuesday 4th August 2009 entering Portsmouth Harbour. David
  8. Pont Aven

    Alongside in Santander 31 December 2008.
  9. Jazzy pattern!!

    I'm not sure that the choice of carpet pattern is good for bad weather. The choice of patterns generally on the Pont Aven although very modern and stylish would, I think, be disturbing to anyone suffering from sea sickness.
  10. Atmosphere bar Pont Aven

    Play it again Sam!! Why is it that we're always last in the bar? I must admit that I really enjoy this part of the crossing. A glass or two listening to the piano player before retiring for the night.
  11. Loads of room inside!!

    Driving up the ramp into the Pont Aven. There were not many vehicles aboard this trip on 30/5/07
  12. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven alongside at Roscoff 30/5/07
  13. Pont Aven

    Pont Aven arriving Plymouth April 12 2005.
1-13 of 13 Results