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  1. Vandyke Poole Pilot Boat

    Pilot boat Vandyke coming along side Condor Liberation to take off the Poole Harbour pilot. Condor Liberation then proceeded to the the Channel Islands in calm seas.
  2. Poole Harbour

    The Stephenson Clark coastal tanker Petworth at Poole in the 1960's
  3. Esso Hythe entering Poole Harbour

    This photograph was taken by me around 1960 from the Haven at Sandbanks.
  4. Poole Harbour

    The Barfleur leaving Poole on her 4pm run to Cherbourg with an unknown coaster leading the way.
  5. Poole Harbour

    Typical harbour scene. The ship in the background is the Rutland
1-5 of 5 Results