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  1. Ship Research
    I have been trying to find information on a ship named "JOHN GEORGE" which I would assume to be a sailing vessel. My great grandfather was a crew member and deserted the ship along with two others when it arrived in Port Adelaide 30 July 1873. I know no other details about the ship so was hoping...
  2. Port Adelaide

    Port Adelaide in the Royal Docks, August 1965. Any information is welcome. I bought this photo along with other shipping photos at a car boot sale, the above information is on the back of the photo along with what I presume is the photographers name....G W Goslin. Cheers Frank

    Wellington NZ 1950's

    1951 possibly Australia She is on maiden voyage as her foremast was altered soon after due to vibration problems Jorgen Lonn negative

    Europe 1960's Keith Wood negative

    Australia 1960's Keith Wood negative
  7. Port Adelaide

    Port Adelaide at Lyttelton.
  8. Port Adelaide

    The Port Adelaide's accommodation. I always thought her one of the best looking Port Liners of her day as the streamlining of her accommodation wasn't overdone as I thought it was in her near sister Port Townsville (sorry Marconi Sahib).
  9. Port Adelaide

    The Port Adelaide at Lyttelton on 18 January 1962. Not sure who the person in the foreground is.
  10. Port Adelaide

    Built 1951. Scrapped 1972.
  11. Port Adelaide

    "Port Adelaide" at Lyttelton.
  12. Port Adelaide

    Working model of the Port Adelaide on display at the Wooden Boat Festival Hobart, 13 February 2005.
1-12 of 12 Results