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    Balboa 1967

    Auckland 1965
  3. Port Albany

    Port Line's Port Albany, 8344 grt. Built 1965 by Robb Caledon, Dundee. Seen at Avonmouth February 1972
  4. Port Albany

    Port Albany Australia 1968
  5. Port Albany

    Shot taken on: 1969 Location: Port of Devonport, Tasmania, Australia Any information on this ship is greatly appreciated Shot taken by: Rex Cox, President of the Hobart Branch of the WSS and posted with his permisson
  6. Port Albany

    SAMPLER/PORT ALBANY (2) was built in 1943 by (Kaiser's) Oregon Ship Building Corp. at Oregon with a tonnage of 7219grt, a length of 441ft 8in, a beam of 57ft and a service speed of 10 knots. An EC2-S-C1 (Emergency Cargo Type 2) she was a Liberty ships ordered as the William C Lane but delivered...
1-6 of 6 Results