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  1. Port Brisbane

    Bunkering in Curacao, Willemstad
  2. Port Brisbane

    Fully loaded outbound from KGV dock Summer 1964 That's what I call a ship. Own photograph
  3. Port Brisbane

    The Port Brisbane, 1949 version, at Lyttelton.
  4. colombo 75

    port st lawrence leaving colombo taken from port brisbane 1975 on her final trip
  5. Port Brisbane

    From an original watercolour by RD Morris in my possession.
  6. Port Brisbane

    Built 1949. Scrapped 1975.
  7. Port Brisbane

    To go with the 'dolan' photo of the 1923 steamer "Port Brisbane" in Sydney, here is the 1949 version, and company flagship, at Lyttelton. She spent all her life under this name and was broken up in Hong Kong in 1975.
  8. Port Brisbane

    When completed by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson in 1949 the "Port Brisbane" was the Port Line flagship, although I always thought her near sister "Port Auckland", built by Hawthorne, Leslie, the better looking ship. She certainly introduced a new style to British ships no matter what you...
  9. Port Brisbane

    Port Brisbane postcard.Date unknown.
1-11 of 11 Results