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  1. Port Chalmers

    A small watercolour 10in x 7in of the Port Chalmers Tony W.
  2. Port Chalmers

    Her work with Port Line at an end the Port Chalmers lies at Newcastle Quay to await her fate too few years from her entry into service but a period which gained her many admirers.

    View of Port Chalmers (Dunedin, NZ) Oct 1951. A very different port exists today.
  4. Sapphire Princess, Port Chalmers

    Sapphire Princess deprting Port Chalmers, N.Z. seen from Otago Penninsular
  5. Clipper Imabari

    Clipper Imabari loading pine logs Port Chalmers, N.Z.
  6. Port Chalmers, c.1920

    Large sepia photo of Port Chalmers, Dunedin, c.1920. Ships would appear to be 'Maori' (I), 'Navua' (I), 'Maunganui', of Union SSCo. The two Federal SN ships could be 'Wiltshire', of 1912, and 'Northumberland' (I) of 1915.
  7. Port Chalmers

    Port Chalmers in the late 60's. Haparangi in the foreground with Port Chalmers across from her. Not sure which is the other Federal job but possibly Huntingdon, either Karetu or Karepo ahead of her and Hotunui at the top right.
  8. Nuova Lloydiana

    Nuova Lloydiana ( 1989 ) 35,629 grt, Reg:Italy IMO - 8618437 Broken-Up May 2010. Arriving Port Chalmers 3-9-93
  9. Nuova Lloydiana

    Nuova Lloydiana ( 1989 ) 35,629 grt Reg:Italy IMO - 8618437 Arriving Port Chalmers 3-9-93. Broken-Up May 2010.
  10. Port Chalmers

    Model of Port Chalmers in, appropriately, the Otago Museum.

    A superb model at The Otago Museum in Dunedin,NZ. Built 1933 for Port Line

    MV Port Chalmers arriving Bluff. Built 1968 by Alex Stephen for Port Line 12398 GRT 1982 transferred to Brocklebank renamed Manaar. 1983 sold and renamed Golden Glory. 1985 Broken up Shanghai.
  13. Port Chalmers

    Port Chalmers from Centenary Lookout showing Cap Capricorn (foreground) and Dawn Princess 18 February 2009
  14. Port Chalmers

    "Nine Fathom Foul", a large iron anchor that fouled many local fishermen's nets until hauled ashore in 1978. Located at Centenary Lookout Port Chalmers. A very scenic spot.
  15. Port Chalmers

    View of Port Chalmers with tugs Rangi and Otago foreground from stern of Dawn Princess 18 February 2009
  16. Port Chalmers

    PORT CHALMERS 1933 8719 tgr Port Line
  17. Port Chalmers

    Port Chalmers on the South Island of New Zealand as seen from the container berth. Great run ashore.
  18. Port Chalmers

    Port Chalmers, pre-containers. Either Waitaki or Wainui in dry-dock, possibly Kaimai or Konini at left.
  19. Port Chalmers

    As seen on the 25th of November 2002. We didn't actually call there, merely sailed past it and picked up our tugs for the run down Otago Harbour to Dunedin. Thought I'd include this to let all the ex Port Line/NZSCo/Federal/Blue Star/Shaw Savill etc. men see what it looks like today.
1-20 of 22 Results