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  1. Port Curtis at Auckland

    Photo given to me in the 1960's. Port Curtis Built: 1953 by J.L.Thompson, North Sands Tonnage: 5,635grt Owners: Albyn Line Built as: Thistledowne 1955: Port Line Charter, r/n Port Curtis 1961: Thistledowne 1966: Ratna Jyoti 1972: B.U. Bombay.
  2. Port Curtis (1920)

    Port Curtis Built: 1920 by Workman, Clark & Co at Belfast Tonnage: 8,267grt Owners: Commonwealth & Dominion Line 1935: Sold to Counties Ship Management, r/n Tower Dale 1936: Kronoborg 1945: Kronstadt 1970: Algeneb 1970: Broken up
  3. Port Curtis

    Built in 1953 by J. L. Thompson & Sons at Sunderland with a tonnage of 5636grt, a length of 420ft, a beam of 59ft 6in and a service speed of 13 knots. She was completed in March 1953 as the Thistledown for Allen & Black's Albyn Line but two years later was acquired by Port Line on a five year...
1-3 of 3 Results