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  1. Port Denison (1918)

    Port Denison Built: 1918 by Workman, Clark & Co, Belfast--sister of Port Darwin Tonnage: 8,191grt Owners: Commonwealth & Dominion Line Fate: Bombed & sunk by a/c, 26.9.1940.
  2. Port Denison

    Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd, long time charter to Port Line
  3. Port Denison

    I'm pretty sure this is "Port Denison" of 1918 that was bombed and sunk about 6 miles N.E. of Peterhead in 1940. She looks like she has a load of troops aboard in this picture.
  4. Port Denison

    Built in 1959 by A/B Ekensbergs Varv. at Stockholm with a tonnage of 6227grt, a length of 485ft, a beam of 61ft 8in and a service speed of 15 knots. Laid down as the Fair Lady she was purchased by Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd on the stocks and renamed Vimeira with the ownership under Dornoch Shipping...
  5. Port Denison

    Chartered by Port Line from Harrisons (Clyde) Ltd, "Port Denison" at Lyttelton. At left is the dredge "Mawhera" and at right the "Athenic".
  6. Port Denison

    Launched by Ekensbergs Varv in 1959 for Norwegian owners as the "Fair Lady", bought before completion by Dornoch Shipping (Harrisons Clyde Ltd) and renamed "Vimeira" the "Port Denison" spent most of her life under the British flag on charter to Port Line. She was evenyually broken up at Gadani...
1-6 of 6 Results