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  1. Luffing Cranes, Port Kembla 1971.

    The two Krupp-Ardelt luffing cranes under construction at No.2 Products Berth, Port Kembla steelworks, Australia during 1971. The main jibs have yet to be fitted and lie on the wharf. I can remember as a kid walking under these with a friend. These cranes were removed in 2005.
  2. Giovanni Topic at Port Kembla.

    Discharging at No.1 Raw Materials berth, Port Kembla steelworks, Australia, 2004.
  3. Nena J, superstructure, Port Kembla.

    At Port Kembla, Australia. No.1 steel products berth, March 2004.
  4. Nena J, Port Kembla.

    Loading steel slabs, Port Kembla, Australia. No.1 steel products berth, March 2004.
  5. Nena J bow, Port Kembla.

    At Port Kembla, Australia, No.1 steel products berth, 2004.
  6. Port Kembla No.2 Raw Materials Berth

    "No ships today". Taken at Port Kembla steelworks 2004. Looking west into Inner Harbour you can see No.2 Products Berth with ship. The two luffing cranes erected in 1971 are now gone. Mount Keira in the distance.
  7. Nena J

    Nena J at Port Kembla loading steel slabs, 2004. Photo taken from ore-discharge crane.
  8. Ore discharging crane, Port Kembla

    Built about 1961 and still going.
  9. Iron Wyndham

    Iron Wyndham, Port Kembla, 1965
  10. Arnhem

    Arnhem, Port Kembla, Sep 1970
  11. Goomai

    Goomai Dredge, Port Kembla, Sep 1970
  12. Glorius at Port Kembla, 2004

    Bulk carrier GLORIUS berthed at No.2 raw products berth, Port Kembla steelworks, Australia. April, 2004. 171,314 dwt. Launched by Hyundai Samho, January 2004.
  13. Iron Sirius visits Port Kembla, 1973

    BHP bulk carrier IRON SIRIUS on her first visit to Port Kembla, Australia in 1973 with tug KEIRA in attendance. "The fleet giant's speed of 15.5 knots (fully loaded) is produced by a diesel engine of 10 cylinders (23,000 bhp at 122 rpm). The new name commemorates HMS Sirius which was wrecked in...
  14. Iron Clipper

    BHP ore carrier IRON CLIPPER at Port Kembla, Australia circa 1964. 40,352 dwt. Built 1961 by Mitsubishi Zosen, Nagasaki (yard no 1556) as Naess Clipper for Anglo-Pacific Shipping Co. Ltd., Bermuda (Naess Denholm & Co. Ltd., London). In November 1964 chartered by BHP and renamed Iron Clipper. Was...
  15. Iron Endeavour arrives at Port Kembla, 1969

    IRON ENDEAVOUR arriving at Port Kembla steelworks, Australia on her maiden voyage April 1969. Pilot returning to berth. Bulk ore carrier IRON ENDEAVOUR, built 1969 by J. L. Thompson and Sons, Sunderland, U.K. yard no. 724 for Nile Steamship Co. Ltd (J and J Denholm Ltd.). Registered Newcastle...
  16. Broholm

    In this photo taken at Port Kembla, Australia in 1967 can be seen the "BROHOLM" and a USSCO older "slow green" (to left of picture)of the KAITOKE class. This link is about the BROHOLM
  17. Iron Endeavour in Port Kembla Harbour 1980

    BHP bulker Iron Endeavour after completing discharge at Port Kembla Steelworks raw products berth. View from starboard bridge wing. Dec, 1980. I was invited aboard to have a look, and a company man took this photo for me. Had it been raining iron ore that day?
1-17 of 17 Results