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  1. Port Launceston

    Seen in London's Royal Albert Dock in 1973 I thought this ship amongst my all time favourites for looks.
  2. Port Launceston

    Port Line's Port Launceston in London's Royal Albert Dock 15 July 1973. A notably handsome vessel she dated from 1957 and was 10,225 gr tons.
  3. Port Launceston

    Port Launceston
  4. Port Launceston

    Port Launceston Built: 1957 by Harland and Wolff, Belfast Tonnage: 8,957grt Owners: Port Line 1977: United Vantage 1980: Broken up, Kaohsiung.
  5. Port Launceston

    MV Port Launceston arriving Dunedin in 1968
  6. Port Launceston

    Further to IanB's excellent shot of Port Launceston arriving at her name port on her maiden voyage, here she is awaiting a berth at Auckland in the 1960's. Check out the gull flying over the funnel--I thought it was some bloke in old-fashioned bathing costume about to dive off! Port Launceston...
  7. Port Launceston

    Arriving in her namesake port on her maiden voyage.1957 At the time she was the latest addition to the Port Line fleet.
  8. Port Launceston

    Port Launceston 10468 tons gross, built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast 1957 for Port Line Ltd London. At Avonmouth 1 February 1964. Whilst sailing on 3 February with the tug Kingsgarth on her Bow the Port Launceston "ran over" the Kingsgarth causing her to sink with the loss of three liv
  9. Port Launceston

    Port Launceston arriving Port Adelaide 1962 Built Harland & Wolff Belfast in 1955 Returned to Builders Yard in 1966 to have MacGregor Hatches fitted to upper and tween decks plus topping lift winches Own 35mm slide
  10. Port Launceston

    Built in 1957 by Harland & Wolff at Belfast with a tonnage of 10468grt, a length of 490ft 6in, a beam of 65ft 10in and a service speed of 15 knots. Shortly after delivery winch operators cabs were fitted abreast of each mast, an installation which became standard throughout the fleet. She...
  11. United Vantage ex Port Launceston

    Looking a bit chatty over the wall.
1-13 of 13 Results