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  1. Port New Plymouth

    Port Line operated some handsome units and looking back I am a little surprised at how large some of them were. Here the Port New Plymouth is in London's KGV Dry Dock. Built in 1960 by Swan Hunter on The Tyne she was 13,925 gr tons.
  2. Port New Plymouth

    Port Line vessel, Port New Plymouth
  3. Port New Plymouth

    Port Line's Port New Plymouth 13085 grt. built 1960. Seen at Avonmouth 6 October 1963

    Wellington 1970's Built 1960 for Port Line 1979 broken up Kaohsiung
  5. Port New Plymouth

    MV Port New Plymouth in superb condition sailing down Dunedin Harbour fully loaded for the United Kingdom on the 2/4/1971. Built 1960 by Swan Hunter 13085 GRT 1979 renamed Plymouth and made one trip as such to Far East and thence to Kaohsiung for scrapping later in 1979.
  6. Port New Plymouth at Auckland

    Looks like she's just arrived and ready for action. Always thought she looked quite huge, compared with earlier ships in Port Line. Port New Plymouth Built: 1960: Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend Tonnage: 13,085grt Owners: Port Line Ltd 1979: Plymouth 1979: Broken up Kaohsiung.
  7. Port New Plymouth

    Inner West Princes Pier, 1962
  8. Port New Plymouth

    PORT NEW PLYMOUTH 1960 13085 tgr Port Line I took this in the London docks early 60s. She was their flagship at the time.
  9. Port New Plymouth

    "Port New Plymouth" turning in the Thames. After tug is "Sun XX", forward unknown.
  10. Port New Plymouth

    "Port New Plymouth" waiting in the Suez Canal for the north-bound convoy to clear. We were first ship in the south-bound convoy with her astern and it looks like numeral '2' she is flying. Tanker astern is "Dovrefjell", don't recall the others.
  11. port new plymouth

    Alan Solly from Dover on the Port New Plymouth in 75 on our way to Kiwi.
  12. lads on port new plymouth

    mick joy, trickett brother, solly,another trickett brother and young lady in cabin in Capetown on the Port New Plymouth in 1975.
  13. Port New Plymouth

    The "Port New Plymouth" coming out of KGV.
  14. Port New Plymouth

    Built 1960 by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson of Newcastle. 13,085 grt. Service speed of 18 knots. In May 1967 she carried, as an experiment, a single container to Melbourne. We all know the outcome of that! During 1979 she was sold to Tex-Dilan Shipping Co. of Panama and renamed "Plymouth"...

    Taken in 1978 at the Erskine Bridge outbound from Glasgow.She had another year to go being broken up in 1979 and this was to be her last visit to the Clyde.
1-17 of 17 Results