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  1. Port Pirie

    I am not sure what Port Pirie is doing alongside the Victoria Dock CWS granary in August 1971. She may have been using a lay by berth but by this time some very strange practices were creeping in and none of the old values seemed as watertight as once they were. This ship built by Swans in 1947...
  2. Port Pirie

    Blue Star ship loading lead ignots at Port Pirie, South Australia.
  3. Port Pirie

    From a magazine i have showing 3 crew members of the Port Pirie enjoying a Fosters lager with two C.U.B salesmen in the crews bar. Picture from 1968

    Wellington NZ 1971
  5. Port Pirie

    MV Port Pirie awaiting departure at Port Chalmers, Dunedin,NZ for the UK in 1968. Vessels in background are L-R Navua USS co, Wainui USS co ex Whangaroa NZS,Broxton ex USSB unusally a Wooden cargo steamer she arrived in 1920 and never left !,Hotunui Northern SS co and Otakou OHB, ironically the...
  6. Port Pirie

    The Port Pirie at Lyttelton. At right is the Koranui and in the distance the Cap Corrientes.
  7. Port Pirie

    The "Port Pirie" completing at Lyttelton before heading home. Built by Swan Hunter in 1947 she spent all her life with Port Line and was broken up at Castellon in 1972.
  8. Port Pirie

    Built 1947. Scrapped 1972.
  9. Port Pirie, South Australia.

    Port Pirie , South Australia. We were there to load zinc concentrate. 1961
  10. Port Pirie

    Port Pirie departing Hobart date unknown.
1-11 of 11 Results