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  1. Port Said

    This is a ship full of Norwegians coming from Sweden, and aiming to join the British forces in India in WW2. Sounds strange, yes.

    Photo: Attributed to C. and G. Zangaki
  3. Port Said

    Port Said harbor showing British Prestige and Stelvio (white ship in middle).
  4. Port Said

    Port Said, early morning. City of Wellington.
  5. Port Said

    United Arab Maritime Co Built 1949 by Can. Riuniti dell Adriatico 6,440 gross tons, 408 foot x 56 foot beam, speed @ 14 knots Passenger capacity 40
  6. Port Said

    The headquarters of the Suez Canal Company. Built by the firm Edmond Coignet in 1895 it has survived until today, being constructed from reinforced concrete. Using this technique, the SCC office was one of the most advanced administration buildings of its time but unfortunately the name of...

  8. Port Said, 15 January 1978

    Entering Port Said in the afternoon of 15 January, 1978, and there was almost too much to see and photograph ! I snapped this pic before dashing across the boat deck to take a pic of something else in the line on the western side of the canal entrance. I have no idea what these 4 were, if...
  9. Port Said

    A Chargeurs Reunis passenger liner at Port Said
  10. Port Said 1993

    Port Said
  11. Ben Avon In Port Said

    This was taken in 1966 on the last convoy to go through the canal before it was closed
  12. port said

    port said,from my uncles collection,probably late forties or fifties.
  13. port said

    well known view of port said. bought this view about 1960,we got chased back to the ship by the arabs.
  14. Port Said - 1961

    Another view of Port Said harbour building.
  15. Port Said 1961

    Canberra moored at Port Said, and pontoons attached to allow passengers ashore. The local traders are busy trying to sell their wares by throwing lines and baskets up to the promenade deck.
  16. Port Said

    Postcard mailed from Aden in 1958. News about the ship are wellcome.
  17. Port Said

    Entrance to Suez Canal at Port Said. Big warship nearest, French?
  18. Port Said

    Port Said some time ago. Certainly before 1931, but possibly much earlier. The steamer is named Iran, they seem to be coaling her. Must be taxi-boats in the foreground.
  19. Port Said

    The entrance to the suez canal at port said taken from the starboard bridge wing of m.v. cma cgm nabucco.
  20. Maiden voyage

    Masirah (2)- T & J Brocklebanks Port Said for the first time outward bound on Maiden voyage 1957
1-20 of 22 Results