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  1. Daphne

    Daphne at Tilbury Landing Stage.
  2. The Old and the New

    Ex Port Sydney laid up at Crete. August 2013
  3. Port Sydney

    PORT SYDNEY in SAFMARINE livery Any details of period of charter welcome. Many thanks for member johnao for details; "....Port Sydney did a one voyage charter to Safmarine between August 69 and Oct. 69, comm. in Liverpool and as far as I was concerned as Mate, ending in London. " Thanks...

    Wellington 1967 Keith Wood Negative

    Leaving Dunedin 1960's
  6. Daphne ex Port Sydney

    MV Daphne departing Vancouver in 1980's for Alaska. Built 1955 as Cargo Liner Port Sydney for Port line. She was under charter to Costa lines of Italy when this photo was taken.
  7. Port Sydney

    MV Port Sydney departing Dunedin in 1960's. Built 1955 by Swan Hunter 10166 GRT Sold to Greeks in 1972 and rebuilt as a passenger ship to have a long and successful career , however her looks were not improved. 1972 renamed Akrotiri Express still as a cargo ship and emerged in 1974 as...
  8. Port Sydney

    In her original guise, the "Port Sydney"at Lyttelton in July 1962. Completed by Swan Hunter in 1955 I believe she is currently trading as the cruise ship "Princess Danae" but will presumably be legislated out of existence in 2010.
  9. Port Sydney

    Built 1955 1972 sold to Carras Group, Greece, 1973 renamed Akrotiri Express. Later she was converted to a cruise ship and has had the names Danae, Switzerland and Ocean Monarch.
  10. Port Sydney

    Port Sydney discharging at Bristol docks
1-11 of 11 Results