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  1. Liverpool waterfront

    This is a companion photograph to go with the view of the Pier Head landing stage that I sent a while back, of the Manx Maid, Empress of England? and the Reina del Mar.
  2. Tug, or ice breaker

    I can only remember this happening once on the Mersey! I've forgotten the year now. 1960's? It was a thrilling experience crossing the river in this stuff, on one of the old Woodside steamers .... Claughton, or Thurstaston, can't remember!
  3. Hibernia, misty conditions

    Another view. A grain hopper?
  4. Hibernia

    This was seen many times around the Mersey. Was she a grain hopper?
  5. Auckland Waterfront

    Taken from the Devonport side of the harbour
1-5 of 5 Results