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  1. Portsmouth Harbour in the 1970's from the 'ferry gardens', Gosport.

    Portsmouth Harbour in the 1970's from the 'ferry gardens' Gosport.
  2. Portsmouth Harbour

    Portsmouth Harbour from Portsdown Hill
  3. Portsmouth Harbour

    Portsmouth Harbour from the 14th floor of Harbour Towers
  4. Portsmouth Harbour

    Portsmouth Harbour, September 2010 with the Coastguard Helicopter (Agusta Westland AW139 G-CGIJ) making a low pass along the water
  5. Portsmouth Harbour

    A panoramic scene of Portsmouth Harbour
  6. Portsmouth Harbour

    A panoramic scene of Portsmouth Harbour, March 2010
  7. Portsmouth Harbour Workbarge

    Moored off Ferry Gardens, Gosport 26 September 2009. Advertising offers to take a MP and ducks to France.
  8. IOW ferry terminal Portsmouth Harbour

    Isle of Wight Ferry terminal from Spiniker Tower
  9. View from the Spiniker Tower Portsmouth Sept 2009

    View of HMS Victory from the Spiniker Tower. There were three Aircraft Carriers in at the time, not sure which one this was that is in the picture. Apologies for the blueness of the picture, this is due being taken through the glass on the tower.
  10. Portsmouth Harbour

    Portsmouth Harbour taken from the harbour tour ferry. September 2009
  11. Ruffers

    The entrance to Portsmouth harbour
  12. Portsmouth Harbour

    Arriving in Portsmouth Harbour on MV Southsea in May 1982
  13. Portsmouth Harbour

    Looking down a busy Portsmouth Harbour from the Round Tower. L2R - car ferry "St. Cecelia", Fast Cat "Our Lady Pamela", Fearless and Intrepid in background, in front of them tug "Bustler" and Type 23 "HMS Kent". (5th May, 2006).
  14. Portsmouth Harbour

    Portsmouth Harbour showing the recently completed Spinnaker Tower, and the Harbour Station. To the left is the restored "HMS Warrior".
  15. Portsmouth

    some call it the sail i believe?
  16. Portsmouth Harbour

    As seen from the spinnaker tower, just one breathtaking view………..half the fleet were in dock at the time, HMS Gloucester, Westminster, Kent, Grafton, Lancaster, Liverpool and Iron Duke,,,,a bit concerning at least 3 Hunt class and 3 Sandown class vessels in the basin behind the Victory all...
1-17 of 17 Results