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  1. Portwey

    PORTWEY the only twin screw coal fired steam tug active in the United Kingdom, built on the Clyde in 1927, seen in the Thames Estuary, following the Thames Barge Race.
  2. PORTWEY (2)

    Registered: LR34-35:64655 /LR43-44:12516 /LR47-48:12195 /LR50-51:72917 (GBR)ON 124533 94 GRT, 29 NRT, (80'5"x18'1"x8'3") 2 scr, 2x C2cyl by "D. & W. Henderson & Co Ltd", coal fired, 54 nhp-330ihp total PORTWEY 1927 -10/08: Launched by "Harland & Wolff Ltd" at Govan (GBR) (YN 786G) 1928...
  3. PORTWEY (1)

    A rare sight these days. The preserved steam tug Portwey under way on the Thames for the 2005 Lord Mayor of London Festival. The high price of good steaming coal limits her activities to once or twice a year. ========================= Registered: LR34-35:64655 /LR43-44:12516...
1-3 of 3 Results